Summer tyres Strada Asimmetrico 185/60 R14 82H - характеристики, совместимость, цены.

Viatti Strada Asimmetrico
185/60 R14 82H

Vehicle Type:
passenger cars
The size:
Speed ​​index:
H (210 km / h)


Characteristics of the model
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Indices of load capacity and speed categories82 H
Type of constructionradial
Carcass and belt constructioncombined
Type of tread patternroad asymmetric
Maximum speed, km / h210
Outside diameter, mm.575 ± 6
Profile width, mm. (no more)189
Static radius, mm.264 ± 3
Weight of the tyre, kg. (± 5%)7.5
Maximum permissible load on the tyre, kg475
The internal pressure corresponding to the maximum load, kgf / cm22.5
Rim recommended5 1/2 J
Type of tubeless tyre valveLB
Normative documentTU 2521-162-98358561-2014
Suitable for cars

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Reviews Strada Asimmetrico
Kolodyazhny Artem Aleksandrovich 22 Sep 2017

Advantages: I will write honestly. The Viatti Strada Asimmetrico V-130 tyres of 185/60 R15 size proved to be quite good when I was traveling to the south of Russia. They keep the trajectory of motion excellently, both on dry and wet asphalt. On a deep rut, the car does not broach, at a rapid lane change the car does not skid. Acceleration and braking are excellent. Contrary to reviews from other resources, I absolutely cannot hear any noise coming from the tyres over the entire range of the allowed tyre speed (H-210km / h). At a high air temperature (up to +46 C), the rubber did not melt, did not become an "egg", as it happened with the previous tires of another manufacturer. The tread is deep, I expected it to get more flat with the operational kilometers I have at the moment. As for the Viatti company, I can say that the manufacturer treats its customers very well; it is customer-oriented, which is quite rare nowadays. There was a nuisance - with a small run there happened to be a flank swelling on one of the tyres. When buying the tires, I was not informed of the possibility of extended warranty and its rules. The company that sells these tyres in St. Petersburg has refused to issue a warranty for me; it dodges and does not draw up the necessary documents for an extended warranty, imputing some of its local rules that contradict the rules of Viatti. The marketing department specialist, Denis Takhaov helped to solve this problem almost in an instant. The tyre was changed. Now I am about to choose winter tyres, and definitely my choice is made in favour of Viatti.


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Tests of other Viatti tyres

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Tests of other Viatti tyres

Tests of other Viatti tyres

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