About the brand

About the brand

Viatti are made using exclusive German technology

Viatti tyres of mid-range segment are designed up to European quality standards. New brand accommodates both safety and comfort of high level. Viatti products were successfully tested many times and highly awarded by experts.

Viatti tyres are made using exclusive German technology that is unique in the world. Unlike the majority of the European brands, Viatti tyres are fully adapted to use in Russia. Brand makers took due account of local usage conditions in its earliest stage of development. As a result, we have now an essentially new product that ensures highly comfortable driving experience under any weather or road conditions.

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It was decided to choose Russia as a production base for Viatti tyres to make the product widely available. So Tatneft’s tyre plant became the main site for this project implementation. Viatti production line is fully equipped with German machines of the latest generation. Nearly all production processes are 100% automatic to exclude the human factor.

Viatti tyres were publicly presented at the Moscow International Motor Show in August, 2010. But beforehand the new tyres had been tested rigorously on different kind of roads in Europe and Russia for two years.