Reliability and safety

Reliability and safety

Confidence is one of the key factors for safe driving. Viatti tyres convey the feeling of total vehicle controllability in any season and road conditions.

Russian climate is all about surprises, when frost easily alternates with thaw periods in winter, and summer time is also quite unpredictable. Therefore, Viatti tyres are designed to be used in any and all conditions. To the same extent this refers to roads. The tyres smooth various road imperfections and meet any climatic challenges.

The asymmetric tread patterns of both Viatti Brina winter tyres and Viatti Strada Asimmetrico summer tyres have been designed to enhance high-speed maneuvering and enable confident cornering on dry and smooth roads. After all, the tyres cushion impacts from potholes on rough and bumpy roads.

Safe snow and ice driving is particularly important. Viatti Brina winter tyres make a vehicle hold the road. Special sipes all over the tread surface enhance tyre elasticity and enlarge the contact patch, which results in better grip that is essential on slippery roads. The tyres maintain their performance even in severe frost down to -45°C.

Summer time is not always dry and sunny. To prevent any discomfort on wet roads, the tread pattern of Viatti Strada Asimmetrico summer tyres comprises three deep longitudinal grooves for liquid removal, thus enabling accurate steering response even in case of heavy rain.

Viatti Bosco A/T tyres for SUVs are also highly adaptive. Their tread becomes softer with decreasing ambient temperatures, and – harder with increasing ones, which makes driving even more comfortable.

The tyres convey the feeling of completely safe driving and ensure the possibility to keep regular driving style in any circumstances.