Reliability and safety

Reliability and safety

Confidence is a key to safe driving. Viatti tyres give the feeling of full control driving in all seasons and road conditions.

The climate of Russia is full of shocks: alternating frosts and thaws in winter as well as unpredictable weather in summer. Therefore Viatti tyres are designed to drive under any and all conditions. The above is also true of road surface. Viatti tyres can smooth any road and climate shocks over.

On dry road with a good surface Viatti tyres make your car be more maneuverable at high speed and turn corners with confidence. Viatti Brina winter and Viatti Strada Asimmetrico summer tyres have a specific asymmetric tread pattern for it. The tyres cushion the blow when you hit a pothole on poor and broken roads.

Safety issues are even more urgent when you drive in ice and snow. Viatti Brina winter tyres help your car “keep balance". Specific tyre sipes bladed all over the tread surface make the rubber more elastic and enlarge the contact spot and as a result the tyre has better grip that is very important when you drive in slippery. Viatti Brina tyres keep all benefits even in severe frost up to - 45C.

Summer is not always dry and solar. So Viatti Strada Asimmetrico summer tyres have three longitudinal deep grooves as a tyre tread to evacuate water properly and help drivers feel safe on the wet road. The wheel responds to steering even in the pouring rain.

Whereas Viatti Bosco A/T tyres for SUV are highly adaptive. Its tyre tread gets softer when it’s cold, and stiffer – when it’s hot. It makes driving even more comfortable.

Viatti tyres give the driver feeling of fully safe driving and let him do it in a natural way in any conditions.