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Viatti Bosco A/T Summer Tyres

Viatti Bosco A/T Summer Tyres —
Special development technologies ensure comfortable and confident driving at heavy dynamic loads


Detailed model description

Viatti Bosco A/T summer tyres represent the perfect SUV tyres designed specifically for sports and crossover utility vehicles.

These tyres have been jointly developed by Italian, German and Russian experts with due consideration of all requirements and peculiarities of SUV/CUV driving. Therefore, they combine driving comfort, reliability, stability and handling as well as ability to carry heavy dynamic loads, remaining, however, an energy-efficient product.

  • Ultimate ability of the tyres to adapt to any environmental and climatic conditions is achieved by means of ViaMIX, a special rubber mixing technology with 3D nano-molecules providing a polymeric bond in the tread cap, the grip properties of which change according to specific conditions. The tread becomes softer with decreasing ambient temperatures, and – harder with increasing ones, which contributes to both perfect driving conditions and reduced tyre wear.
  • High-speed cornering and straight line driving, as well as smoothing of road imperfections and obstructions are ensured by VSS (variable sidewall stiffness) technology, which makes the tyres adapt to the road and speed changes.
  • Hydro Safe V system with four wide longitudinal grooves of non-uniform geometry and sharp-facet central blocks enables the tyres to break mud and water film and quickly remove liquid from the contact patch, thus ensuring the most comfortable and safe driving in rain and on slush-covered roads.
  • Excellent on/off-road performance of SUVs/CUVs is not only maintained, but also enhanced by Viatti Bosco A/T summer tyres due to DirtMove (OpenWay) technology, the key advantage of which is a special tread pattern with wide lateral grooves in the shoulder area and “lugs” between sipes of shoulder blocks.
  • Notable noise reduction, which seems to be inevitable while off-road driving, is achieved by means of ViaPRO technology: small sloping ridges on the walls of longitudinal grooves reduce tyre cavity resonance.
  • Maneuvering reliability and safety, in the most extreme conditions in particular, are some of the key requirements to SUV tyres, which are successfully fulfilled by Viatti Bosco A/T summer tyres due to their unique tread pattern with a central reinforcing rib and reinforced longitudinal blocks designed according to HighStab technology.
  • The perfect combination of vehicle handling and stability even at the most active driving is enabled by a special optimized tyre casing, asymmetrically placed large blocks and ribs, as well as by reinforced shoulder blocks. All this allows for the equal distribution of inflation pressure in the contact patch.

Due to smart design and advanced European technologies, Viatti Bosco A/T summer tyres not only maintain but also enhance all key features of SUV/CUV tyre segment, such as excellent on/off-road performance, maneuverability and, above all, comfort and safety on summer roads.

VRF technology: the tires adapt to the road surface, absorb impacts when overcoming irregularities, and allow you to confidently take high-speed turns.

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Reviews Bosco A/T
Zimin Nikita 12 Jul 2017

Shortcomings: I haven’t found any so far.
Advantages: Move steadily on snow, well balanced and strong. High-quality grip with asphalt, snow broth is not a problem, are pretty good in braking.


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