Независимые тесты шин Viatti - Viatti Bosco A/T – лидер тестов Авто-Ревю

Viatti Bosco A/T – test leader

Tyres made by Tatneft’s tyre plant keep winning tests of leading Russian automobile press. The results of tests for tyres of 215/65 R16 dimension (the most popular size of tyres for CUVs) were published in the March issue of Auto-Review.

Viatti Bosco ATViatti Bosco A/T tyres took part in the Auto-Review test. In the final protocol the tyre of Italo-German design made on Nizhnekamsk plant ranked third among 12 participants with the result – 8.35 points (to be just 0.15 points far from the leader!). Experts of Auto-Review noted that on such positions as steerability and braking on wet asphalt Viatti tyres are at the level of the test leaders – Continental and Pirelli tyres. Overall Viatti Bosco A/T evaluation sounds as follows: “…a quite good balance of consumer properties, and if we correlate them with the price, it is the best tyres of our test”. At the same time due to test results Viatti tyres performed better than such famous competitors as Bridgestone, Dunlop, Hankook, Michelin, Cordiant, Kumho, and Amtel.