Viatti Brina winter tyres

Viatti Brina winter tyres —
Maintain driving in a regular manner and ensure comfortable speed on ice- and sludge-covered urban roads.


Detailed model description

Viatti Brina winter tyres are an excellent choice for big cities. These soft tyres are perfect for winter urban roads, allowing for comfortable active driving on snow- and slush-covered roads.

Viatti Brina winter tyres are pneumatic radial tubeless tyres designed by the leading European and Russian experts specifically for urban passenger cars. Due to their modern design, top-quality production materials and computer-calculated asymmetric tread pattern, the tyres comply with the fast pace of big city life, maintaining comfortable driving on winter roads at temperatures from -45°С up to +10°С.

  • Reliable high-speed cornering as well as notable cushioning of impacts from potholes, asphalt joints and other road imperfections are achieved by means of VSS (variable sidewall stiffness) technology, which makes the tyres literally adapt to the road.
  • Quick and intensive removal of liquid, mud and snow from the contact patch as well as enhanced vehicle directional stability are ensured by the thoroughly calculated position and slope angle of lateral and longitudinal grooves with regards to the driving direction.
  • The asymmetric tread pattern with the extended amount of blocks having their walls designed at an optimal slope angle enables reliability and stability of a vehicle while sharp cornering and maneuvering at low noise level.
  • Enhanced grip on both ice- and sludge-covered roads is achieved by sipes densely spaced along the tread width as well as by highly-elastic blocks.
  • The thoroughly designed tyre shape contributes to optimal slushplaning (sliding on slush- and sludge-covered road) resistance. Due to sloped shoulder blocks, Viatti Brina winter tyres literally cut melted snow and immediately remove it from the contact patch.

From the special rubber compound to the numerous peculiarities of the design, Viatti Brina winter tyres meet specific conditions of winter urban roads, which are covered with sludge and slush caused by salt and chemical agents far more often than with regular snow. Along with reliability and durability, they allow for driving in a regular manner in winter.

VRF technology: the tires adapt to the road surface, absorb impacts when overcoming irregularities, and allow you to confidently take high-speed turns.

Car owners test Viatti winter tires - real tests on Russian roads!

Reviews Brina
Sergey Li 12 Jul 2017

Shortcomings: additional noise from studs (though it is minor, but it’s there), the tires are installed on Ford Transit. The tread pattern differs from traditional herringbone and straight blocks designs a little, but it is not that original. Most likely, exactly thanks to this tread design, rubber composition and studs the car behaves very predictably on the road. All of the studs are still in place, despite the almost 20 000 km haul, and they still look quite new. In general, I think that good tyres, a good car and a head screwed on right are those three pillars that make the cornerstones of the road safety, and in my case all of them are in place.
Advantages: running characteristics, quality, price.


All Viatti tyres have been tested for compliance with the European standards of quality. And the average of the performance of various global makers of mid-range segment tyres has been taken as a standard.

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