Winter tyres Viatti Bosco S/T

Viatti Bosco S/T winter tyres

Viatti Bosco S/T winter tyres —
Special design techniques enable the tyres to combine comfort and confident driving with heavy dynamic loads.


Detailed model description

Viatti Bosco S/T winter non-studded tyre — a perfect product for SUVs or CUVs combining comfortable and noiseless driving with ability to carry heavy loads.

The tyres are designed for using in various Russian winter conditions including megalopolises and southern latitude regions with warm winter and snow broth on the road difficult to ride trough. Due to precisely designed model tyre range using the cutting edge technologies, Viatti Bosco S/T non-studded tyres are great at riding on both snow road and slippery asphalt.

  • Tyres keep confident driving even at high-speed on turns in the most tough road conditions. The VRF technology (variable rigidity of the framework) helps the tyre adapting to the road surface and so not only increasing the tyre grip with the road, but also considerably absorbing shocks from asphalt joints, potholes, and other road bumps.
  • Unique tread pattern with a rigid centre rib and reinforced longitudinal blocks using HighStab technology are the secrets of good handling and high reliability of Viatti Bosco S/T non-studded tyres at high speed.
  • Special cuts made in shoulder blocks with SnowDrive technology enhance riding in deep snow conditions.
  • Proven Hydro Safe V system provides good slushplaning resistance. Wide longitudinal grooves crossed by lateral grooves along the tread remove slush and water out of the contact spot of the tyre.

A great number of various peculiarities taking into account all kind of Russian climate surprises and road conditions, as well as stability, steerability, and energy efficiency of high level make Viatti Bosco S/T to be an undoubted standard of the winter non-studded tyre for SUVs and CUVs. High reliability, comfort, and safety of the tyre enable you to ride on any roads even in a rather unpredictable warm winter with ease.

VRF technology: the tires adapt to the road surface, absorb impacts when overcoming irregularities, and allow you to confidently take high-speed turns.

Car owners test Viatti winter tires - real tests on Russian roads!

Reviews Bosco S/T
Tolokontsev Mihail12 Jul 2017

Shortcomings: I creep for half a year, it’s early, of course, to draw the conclusions, but so far there are none!
Advantages: good silent tyres, not hard, hold track, I did not expect that, I thought it would be worse.


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