Making tyres more durable

Making tyres more durable

Viatti tyres are highly durable and designed for long-term usage. To make them run as long as possible, we recommend you to follow some simple recommendations.

First of all, you should check tyre pressure regularly. It is desirable to make this procedure even if you do not see any changes in behavior of your car or abnormal noises when riding.

We advise you to swap your tyres on front axle with tyres on back axle approximately once in a season to use your set as long as possible. Leading wheels wear out quicker than driven ones do, and such scheme allows you to use the whole resource of tyres the maker has set most effectively.

One more thing that requires your regular checking is a remaining height of the tread pattern. And the tyre has special indicators for this purpose. If tread pattern height has reached its critical point of about 2 mm, it is time to replace the tyre. If your winter tyre has M+S marking, the tyre maker guarantees its effective work with a tread pattern height of not less than 4 mm.

Even a minor failure can cause an accident, so we recommend all drivers without any exception to decline the services of illegal garages or private specialists. The best thing is to install, balance and get other tyre services in a service centre with quality guaranteed.

Tyre&Service network is our professional partner. More than 50 branches throughout Russia and the CIS offer services under one brand. Experts of the company know all Viatti products well. In every service centre you can get not only installation or repair services, but get a valuable advice on the correct tyre storage and care, buy disks and other related things as well.