Test Success

Test results

among budget-friendly studded and non-studded winter tyres according to ABTO@MAIL.RU tests in 2016.

Viatti Brina

Non-studded winter tyres

The best test results
Snow acceleration (5-45 km/h)6,2 s
Snow braking (45-5 km/h)18,6 m
Stability on snow8,5 points
Skid resistance8 points
Ice acceleration5,9 с
Ice braking14 м
Stability on ice8,5 points
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Viatti Brina Nordico

Studded winter tyres

Brina Nordico
The best test results
Snow acceleration (5-45 km/h)6,8 s
Snow braking (45-5 km/h)18,3 m
Stability on snow8 points
Skid resistance8 points
Ice acceleration4,1 с
Ice braking9,5 м
Stability on ice8,5 points
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«The tyre provides the shortest braking distance on snow, the best lap time on ice, and even the reference ones fall behind it»
AUTO@MAIL.RU on Viatti Brina Nordico studded tyre
«... braking performance on snow (it is better than the reference tyre’s result) and general traction on ice are amazing...
Strong sidewall of the tyre makes riding safe on unpredictable Russian roads» AUTO@MAIL.RU on Viatti Brina studded tyre

Independent reviews of Viatti tyres

Sergey Li 12 Jul 2017 https://market.yandex.ru

Shortcomings: additional noise from studs (though it is minor, but it’s there), the tires are installed on Ford Transit. The tread pattern differs from traditional herringbone and straight blocks designs a little, but it is not that original. Most likely, exactly thanks to this tread design, rubber composition and studs the car behaves very predictably on the road. All of the studs are still in place, despite the almost 20 000 km haul, and they still look quite new. In general, I think that good tyres, a good car and a head screwed on right are those three pillars that make the cornerstones of the road safety, and in my case all of them are in place.
Advantages: running characteristics, quality, price.





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