Независимые тесты шин Viatti - Тест Viatti Brina Nordico - в городе и по бездорожью

Viatti Brina Nordico Tests: In Town Conditions and Off-Road

Experts from the Shina.su tyre centre have carried out a comprehensive test for the Viatti Brina Nordico winter studded tyres of 205/55R16 and 205/55R16 sizes, manufactured at the production facilities of KAMA TYRES. The test drive included ice tests, an acoustic comfort assessment, handling when changing lanes or emergency maneuvering, and others. The experts praised the performance of the model.

Viatti Brina Nordico winter studded tyres of 205/55R16 size were installed on a C-class car - KIA Ceed of 2014 year of manufacture. The tyres were mounted and balanced in a certified car service center of Shina.su. The tyres were balanced with the minimum amount of weights (35-50 grams per wheel).
• The tyre mounting of wheels got an "excellent" score.
• The tyre balancing got a "good" score.
• Tread depth was 8 mm.

Operating conditions.The tyres’ test run was 1700 km. Outside temperatures ranged from +2°C to -15°C. The tyres were tested on various road surfaces: dry and wet asphalt; icy and snowy roads. The tyres were tested: in a metropolis with high-quality asphalt roads; in a small town with medium and low quality roads; highways; unpaved country roads.

Ice test. The key characteristics in this test were the acceleration time from a speed of 5 km/h to 60 km/h, as well as the braking distance under emergency braking on an icy road surface.

  • • Acceleration time: 6.2 seconds.
  • • Braking distance: 15 meters.
  • • Overall rating is “good”.

Steerability. During the tests, experts assessed the road-holding ability of Viatti Brina Nordico tyres.

When driving on an icy road, the tyres showed a fairly accurate response with a confident feedback without sudden unexpected breaks into sliding. The Viatti Brina Nordico tyres also performed well in extreme maneuvering: fairly predictable behavior without slipping into sidewise skidding. The tyres got the highest rating in the test with driving on the sludge road. The model demonstrated reliable handling and good braking on challenging terrain.

Acoustic comfort. Experts also appreciated the riding comfort of the Viatti Brina Nordico tyres. The special arrangement of the tread blocks with a shift along the longitudinal axis provided additional protection against noise.

RESULTS OF TEST DRIVE. According to the results of Viatti Brina Nordico tyre tests, experts of Shina.su confidently recommend these tyres for moderately aggressive driving in urban conditions and on medium snow terrain.

About the model. Viatti Brina Nordico studded winter tyres are designed specially for the Russian climate and geography. The tyres provide comfortable and safe driving on winter roads in all weather conditions, from deep frosts to sudden thaws. Feather edge blocks in the shoulder area of the tread improve the slush planning resistance (sliding on slush).

The tyre cuts slush and remove it from the tyre-to-road contact patch efficiently. Asymmetric tread pattern and wide placed studs provide the best grip on the winter road, wear resistance and reduce tyre noise. The highly-elastic tread with sipes densely spaced along its width improves the tyre grip on both ice and packed snow or on wet roads.

The VRF technology enables the tyres adapting to the road surface, absorbing shocks when moving on road bumps, and ensures confident turning at high speed. The tyre line-up includes models of R13- R18 sizes.

Source: https://car.ru/news/automobili/100225-test-viatti-brina-nordico-v-gorode-i-po-bezdorozhyu/