Независимые тесты шин Viatti - Тест Viatti Bosco H/T: я смог решить проблему колейности

Testing Viatti Bosco H/T: I Was Able to Solve the Wheel Tracking Problem

Exclusively for Car.ru, a popular car blogger tested a new product in the SUV segment of the 2019-2020 season: the Viatti Bosco H/T 265/60 R18 tyres for SUVs and crossovers. The operational tests were carried out on the roads of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region in July and August of this year. A set of tyres was installed on the Haval H9 vehicle.

Viatti Bosco H/T summer tyres entered the market in 2019. The product line includes models of the R16-R19 size. The main characteristics of the line, declared by the manufacturer are*:

Road tread pattern. Possesses a good grip on dry and wet roads as well as fuel efficiency. Designed primarily for urban roads and interregional highways. The new unique broken shape of the grooves and sipes on the tread, as well as the varied width and sequence of the tread pattern blocks, change the rolling resonance of the tyre, significantly reducing the driving noise.

The unique tread pattern with a rigid center rib and longitudinal reinforced rows of blocks allows the tyres to provide maximum traction during the steepest maneuvers. The increased circumferential stiffness of the tyre due to special reinforcements between the tread pattern elements in the shoulder and center rows improves the car's handling and driving stability. Four longitudinal grooves in the tread pattern efficiently and quickly remove water from the contact patch. Longitudinal grooves with non-uniform geometry and sharp edges of the central blocks effectively break the water film, providing optimal lateral drainage of liquid from the contact spot.

About the channel

Hello, my name is Pavel Lazdin, I am the host of the Dizzlike channel on youtube.com. Many subscribers in their comments often reproach me for combining the incongruous,even when it has to do with my appearance. For example, a Swiss watch and cheap sneakers worth of 1500 rubles. The thing is that having devoted over 15 years of my life to advertising, I became a completely brand-free personality and I understand it very well that expensive does not mean high-quality. My channel is based on honest car tests. This idea came to me when I first engaged in advertising on the YouTube platform. Then I realized that almost everyone is for sale, from famous journalists to aspiring bloggers. This principle of honesty remains the major one for my channel to this day.

Getting to know Viatti

My acquaintance with Viatti began over a year ago, when I chose the brand's tyres for installation on Toyota Rav4 belonging to my mom. It's no secret that Toyota often neglects the car sound insulation, and tyre whine often becomes annoying on the long trips. Having changed some very famous tyres for Viatti, I was quite surprised by the fact that the car became much quieter, almost twice quite judging by my perception. At the same time, the car passes through the pits softer, which is very important (my parents live in the countryside, and good asphalt appears there only prior to elections). The situation also changed for the better for the instances when a wheel gets into a puddle.

About tyres and Haval H9

Last year I got a very fascinating vehicle – the Haval H9. It is a heavy frame SUV with a focus on comfort. I was lucky to get it on occasion for just 2,250 million rubles and already on winter tyres. In the spring, I decided not to install the standard tyres, because the tyres for any body-on-frame SUV are 50 percent of the car’s efficiency. And the standard ones was very unstable on wheel track. I decided to become a “victim of marketing” and bought myself another “test winner” from a well-known publication (I also looked into Viatti, but at that time the required standard size wasn’t available). I spent 35 thousand rubles on tyres, and in principle it turned out to be quite good... for a city with ideal road surface, somewhere in Europe, and preferably with no rain. The joints began to be felt on the car, in the wheel track the car went badly into a skid. But it was very quiet in the cabin. In principle, the tyres are not bad: I even started to think that those were structural features of the frame body and began to get used to crawling through the wheel track, and getting a portion of vibration massage at the joints. And then there appeared an opportunity to change tyres and test Viatti Bosco H/T in my standard size 265/60 R18. Having a positive experience with Toyota, I immediately agreed.

The results of Viatti Bosco H/T tyre test I was able to solve the wheel track issue. One of the main drawbacks of the Haval H9, which I was finally able to solve this summer, is a great instability on the wheel track. Compared to both the standard tyres and the interregional ones that I had, Viatti Bosco H/T turned out to be quite soft, which solved the problem. As for the noise - it was heard a little. The noise level has increased, but by no more than 10%, and I'm already used to it. Pits and joints get “swallowed” just imperceptibly. The tyres turned out to be "grip-having". In terms of car-handling, if steered, they behave well. These tyres were softer on sidewalls than the previous ones. It worked well for a body-on-frame vehicle, because this car was not designed for fast driving. The braking distance has increased slightly. We coped with the wet road - the water was well drained. Speedy driving was confident. The tyres cost me almost 40% cheaper than those that I had before. As a result: I can recommend these tyres. Especially for those who drive predominantly not on the perfect asphalt coat, but on the rural roads, for which potholes, joints, humps, and patches on their surface are customary -Viatti Bosco H/T perfectly "swallow" them and increase the level of comfort significantly. In terms of the price-quality ratio, it is the optimal choice, by all means. And, of course, one of their main advantages is that they cure the wheel track issue.* The Viatti brand is produced at the production facilities of KAMA TYRES, the tyre manufacturing business of TATNEFT Group.

Source: https://car.ru/news/tehnologii/85671-test-viatti-bosco-ht-ya-smog-reshit-problemu-koleynosti/