KAMA TYRES Product Is in the Top 10 Best Summer Tyres of Ten-Best.ru

KAMA TYRES Product Is in the Top 10 Best Summer Tyres of Ten-Best.ru

Experts of the online magazine Ten-Best.ru ranked summer passenger tyres of 2020, which, according to the authors, are the most reliable, of high-quality and durable. Viatti Strada Asimmetrico tyre, a product of KAMA TYRES Complex, the tyre manufacturing business of TATNEFT Group.

Experts of Ten-Best.ru highlighted such advantages of the Viatti Strada Asimmetrico model as: a short braking distance on wet asphalt road; a strong shocks resistance at high speeds; good road keeping; effective aquaplaning resistance; strong sidewalls; and a nice price.

“A wide range of operating temperatures from + 2℃ to + 55℃ is rather compelling. Reinforced solid ribs located in the center and on the outer edge of the tread provide stable driving at high speeds. Thanks to VRF technology, tyres absorb shocks from bumps and the car can turn corners with confidence even at high speed,” the rating experts described Viatti Strada Asimmetrico tyres.

“All products of the Viatti brand are designed for operating in Russia and that is why it is in such high confidence among domestic car owners. Our tyres ensure safe and comfortable driving in any weather or climate conditions. Viatti Strada Asimmetrico is the best choice fo this summer,” said Timur Sharipov, Acting CEO at the Kama Trading House.

The summer passenger car Viatti Strada Asimmetrico tyres with a special asymmetric road tread pattern are designed for use in urban areas and on highways. Massive reinforcement ribs on the outer edge and in the centre of the tread provide even load distribution when active cornering at high speed. The reinforced structure of the centre and inner part of the tread ensures more effective traction and braking. The VRF technology enables the tyres to adapt to the road surface, absorb shocks from bumps, and allow you to corner at high speed with confidence. The angle of the walls of the grooves is optimally designed for the shear resistance of the pattern’s blocks when maneuvering and ensures the safety of active driving on both dry and wet road surfaces.