Named Viatti Bosco S/T In The TOP-3 of The Most Fuel-Efficient Tyre Named Viatti Bosco S/T In The TOP-3 of The Most Fuel-Efficient Tyre

Experts of the specialized information portal summed up the results of their new test of 6 tyres of various brands. The purpose of the tests is to find the best models on the results of the car rundown. The TOP-3 of the Most Fuel-Efficient Tyres included Viatti Bosco S/T, a product of KAMA TYRES Complex, the tyre manufacturing business of TATNEFT Group. The tyres were tested at the specialized testing ground at 5-6° C and wind of 1-3 m/s. The pressure in the tyres, which had a short run-in before testing (up to 100 km), was 2.2 bar.

The results were measured by a high-precision device - Racelogic VBOX Sport. It recorded all dynamic characteristics of the car, as well as its braking distance in the range from 80 to 0 km/h. The authors of the tests noted that from 5% to 15% of the fuel a car used just for rolling forward: “The role of tyres in this process is rather important, and therefore manufacturers pay a great attention to the so-called “rolling resistance”. And we were going to measure it.” “We had to find out the distance when the car would stop. The longer the distance, the lower the rolling resistance, and the better the result. Russian Viatti Bosco S/T tyres managed to surprise us! Apart from the two results, which clearly stand out from the total number, we got rather telling figures,” said the experts. “The fuel efficiency is one of the distinguishing features of Viatti products.

Such a great level of the rolling resistance is the result of the optimum contact spot of tyres and the exact rubber compounds with a low hysteresis loss index we use,” commented the test results Timur Sharipov, Acting CEO at KAMA Trading House. Viatti Bosco S/T winter non-studded tyre is specially designed for CUV’s and SUVs combining the comfort and noiseless driving with the ability to carry heavy loads. The tyre provides confident riding on both snow road and slippery asphalt. The optimum tyre section in the tread-to-sidewall area ensures accurate handling during active maneuvering on hard-surfaced roads. The special cuts made in outer side of shoulder blocks enhance riding in deep snow conditions.