Travel Russia Tests Viatti Tyres

Travel Russia Tests Viatti Tyres

The Travel Russia Club has set out on its new expedition - “On Viatti Tyres – from Moscow to the North and back”. The members of the Club have again chosen Viatti Bosco A/T tyres for their SUVs and CUVs. This year, they plan to see Vologda, Pudozh, Apatity, Kirovsk, Murmansk, Petrozavodsk, St. Petersburg and some other Russian cities. Three cars will cover about 4,000 kilometers in 12 days.

They are going to test Viatti tyres, find new thematic travel itineraries, see local attractions, as well as meet with the regional leaders of the Vologda and Murmansk Oblasts. The crews include representatives of the “children's club” of the Travel Russia, as well as popular bloggers from Moscow, Moscow Oblast, Yaroslavl and Ivanovo. Their trip will last until August 30.

Some members of the expedition have shared their first impressions of the trip. “The Vologda Oblast is a historical gateway to the North. And it’s not just nominally. If you drive from Vologda towards Murmansk, you will really reach the North in a day. This travel itinerary to the Arctic Circle is not the most popular, but probably the most interesting one. The roads are excellent and desert. If not for legal restrictions, then the travelers on Viatti tyres can easily drive like on German highways. Vologda - Ferapontovo - a submarine in Vytegra - Lake Onega - sunset - Medvezhyegorsk. Long, but smooth and hard. Dense forests give way to sand, pine and large boulders. In evening, we’ve had no doubt, that we are in Karelia,” said Ksenia Chesnokova.

“We managed to get on the petroglyphs just in time, because it rumbled, flashed and rained. We reached Imandra in the dark through rain and fog. Thanks to the @viatty_tyres, which held the road very steady, I, as a passenger, could relax and take a nap. We arrived at the Lights of Imandra deep after midnight. The next morning was rather chilly (we were in the Arctic, however). A white rabbit chewed grass near our house quietly,” noted Elena Schipkova.

“Today we’ve tested Tiggo on a soil track as well as on an abandoned forest road. We are quite satisfied with the result – our cars have overcome such difficult road easily and we’ve reached the White Sea. Both "Blonde" and "Brunette" have passed the test. And on the way from Belomorsk to Apatity we’ve come under heavy rain, and Viatti tyres have shown to the best advantage perfectly "holding" the road and being reliable even in heavy rain conditions. Our “Brunette” with these tyres has finished first,” added Galina Kurchenkova.

“In a long distance trip, the comfort and safety of the vehicle are very important. And Viatti Bosco A/T tyres are specially designed to meet these purposes. The unique tread pattern of the model delivers reliability in maneuvering, a special rubber mixture provides maximum adaptability to various environmental and climatic conditions as well as small inclined protrusions on the walls of longitudinal grooves ensure acoustic comfort. This is an ideal tyre of the SUV line-up,” commented Timur Sharipov, Acting CEO at KAMA Trading House, the first results of the rally.

Travel Russia Club has already tested products of the Viatti brand. So, in the summer of 2018, during the 20-day rally “On Viatti Tyres - from Moscow to Altai”, Viatti Bosco A/T tyres successfully covered about 9,500 kilometers across 12 regions of Russia of both multi-lane highways and narrow mountain soil roads.

Viatti tyres are made on the factories of KAMA TYRES Complex, manufacturing business of TATNEFT Group. The range includes passenger car and light truck tyres of high quality that meet the requirements of global automakers, so some European companies use the tyres as a standard car specification on their Russian plants. The Viatti brand has 9 line-ups (about 200 items). Special thanks to Alexander Nikulin, Roman Smirnov, Elena Schipkova, Galina Kurechenkova, Julia Moskvitina and Lyudmila Dmitrieva for the photos.