Viatti Tyres Tested On Volkswagen Multivan

Viatti Tyres Tested On Volkswagen Multivan

TATNEFT and Volkswagen Group Rus summed up the results of the first stage of the joint project “For the Clean Present. For Healthy Future”, the KAMA TYRES Complex participated. As part of the project Viatti winter tyres were tested on the Volkswagen Multivan vehicles. Since the end of 2018, TATNEFT tested two Volkswagen Multivan vehicles with Euro 6-compliant diesel engines, equipped with Viatti Bosco Nordico tyres of 235/55R17 size. The vehicles were operated on public roads with hard asphalt concrete pavement in the Moscow, North-West and Volga Regions of Russia.

The specialists of NTC Kama performed a technical inspection of the tyres after the end of the winter operation and a run of 42,000 km. The average wear for the set was 20% of the maximum allowable tyre life. The inspection of the studs also demonstrated a high result – the total loss for the entire period of operation was less than 3% and it were the front wheels (steerable drive axle) which had lost studs. The operational condition was rated as good.

“The results of testing for KAMA TYRES products in real conditions once again confirm the high competitiveness of the tyres. There are no tears or large chips on the tyre tread, which indicates the high elasticity of the rubber composition. The inspection of the sidewalls also revealed no blisters of the frame cord, cuts or cracks of the coating rubber, which indicates the reliability of the design, as well as compliance with the operating conditions for the load, internal pressure and other standards. The tyre has a large safety margin and during operation it exceeded consumer expectations. We are confident in the quality of Viatti,” commented Mikhail Trofimov, Head of the Tyre Design Department at NTC Kama. The tests during the summer stage of the project will continue with the novelty of this year – Viatti Bosco H/T tyres for urban and main roads.

“There are no complaints about the tyres. Four drivers tested Viatti Bosco Nordico tyres and then we exchanged our views on it. It should be noted that when it is cold, frost, ice on the road, tyres hold the road perfectly. Handling, cornering, overtaking or changing lanes at speed meet all of our expectations. The tyres make the riding comfortable and have a low noise level. Also we are pleased with the minimal loss of studs,” shared his impressions one of the Volkswagen Multivan drivers participating in the project.

Viatti Bosco Nordico winter passenger car tyre is specially designed for SUVs and CUVs. The model perfectly match for use both in deep snow and on chemically melted ice-covered urban main roads. High reliability, excellent on/off-road performance and safety of Viatti Bosco Nordico tyre are achieved by means of the unique tread pattern with a central reinforcing rib and reinforced longitudinal blocks. The asymmetric tread pattern and widely spaced studs contribute to excellent tyre durability and significant noise level reduction.

“For the Clean Present. For Healthy Future” is a joint project of TATNEFT and Volkswagen Group Rus for combining innovations of the Russian chemical industry and the German automotive industry, and proving that with modern products of TATNEFT Company and Volkswagen Group Rus the owner of a commercial vehicle can not only reduce operating costs and improve vehicle utilization, but also, as a result, increase the efficiency of investments. TANECO Premium Ultra Eco Synth engine oil, as well as TANECO diesel fuel and Viatti tyres manufactured by KAMA TYRES are tested within the pilot operation of two Volkswagen Multivan vehicles