Viatti Is Top Seller Of 2018

Viatti Is Top Seller Of 2018

Tatneft’s KAMA TYRES Complex summed its production results for 2018. Kama Trading House set a new record for sales – it sold 13.6 million tyres in Russia and abroad (to legal entities). This indicator has grown by almost 5% compared with 2017 due to the production output boosted by 14%.

 Viatti brand had the greatest sales in the Complex: it increased its sales of passenger tyres by 38% and of light-truck tyres by 15%. Sales of KAMA passenger tyres are also increased by 19%, all-steel tyres - by 5%, incl. tyres of 17.5 and 19.5 inches rim - by 15%.

 As of the end of the year, about 69% of products were sold in Russia, and 31% of tyres were exported (and it was 6% more than in 2017). Proactive international policy of the Complex, as well as the competitive price and the wide range of tyres for different operating conditions led to such export boost. The Complex exports tyres to 46 countries.

KAMA TYRES Complex significantly expanded its product range in 2018. It brought new models of all-steel tyres of the KAMA PRO line-up of new generation, as well as KAMA 365 tyres of extended operating temperature range to the market.

 The product range of KAMA TYRES Complex consists of passenger car, light truck, combined truck, all-steel, special, and agricultural tyres of KAMA, KAMA PRO, and Viatti brands. There are about 400 tyre models in total.

“In the year of its 45th anniversary, KAMA TYRES Complex broke new records in production and sales. It is worth noting that such production boosting is the result of modernization of existing facilities and addition of new capacities. We plan to keep strengthening our presence in the market, for instance to boost sales by 10% to 14.9 million tyres the end of 2019,” said Ilya Gorbachev, acting CEO at Kama Trading House.