“On Viatti Tyres from Moscow to Altai”. Summary of Rally

“On Viatti Tyres from Moscow to Altai”. Summary of Rally

Participants of the rally “On Viatti tyres - from Moscow to Altai” shared their impressions about the trip and the results of Viatti Bosco A/T tests. Viatti tyres succeeded all tests, proving to be a reliable partner both on multi-lane highways and on narrow mountain earth roads. The members of the Travel Russia auto club during the 20-day trip covered about 9,500 kilometers and visited 12 Russian regions in total.

“Testing Viatti tyres was not only interesting, but also very informative. How you can prove that all the declared properties are true, if not on a long trip!? A couple of hundred kilometers on ordinary roads would not unleash the full potential, but a full-fledged multi- journey of some thousand kilometres across several regions could give a quite true and full picture. After driving on it for hundreds kilometres, I know at first hand that tyres of this brand hold any road perfectly well, are reliable whatever the circumstances, provide comfort driving. The tyres are quiet, soft riding, reliable, and most importantly they have a very reasonable price and highly durable,” said Olesya Nikulina (@podmoskva).

“We chose Viatti Bosco A/T tyres to be confident on any roads in our trip. And they did fail us. The tyres kept a course on a level road, and we drove in quiet, and they were very grippy when we needed to pull our car out of the mud,”added Victoria Kandaurova (@vikni).

“The primary goal of the rally was to get to Altai in middle-class cars and to show that there is nothing rather difficult in traveling around Russia. Car traveling is possible and necessary. We drove on roads of all kinds, but everywhere the tyres performed very well. So, Travel-Russia auto club highly recommends Viatti Bosco A/T tyres. It proved by thousands of kilometres on Russian roads and off-roads", said Alexander Nikulin (@zhzhitel).

“In the long road trip, comfort and safety of the car are very important. Here we were lucky. Our Chery Tiggo 5 is a very comfortable car, and with Viatti tyres it is safe on any surface,” said Alexander Kozmin (@ akozmin_7).

“Viatti Bosco A/T is an ideal tyre of the line-up specially designed for CUVs and SUVs. This product combines comfort, reliability, stability and comfortable, confident driving with heavy dynamic loads,” commented the results of the rally Andrey Bouton, Chief Marketing Officer at Kama Trading House.

Viatti Bosco A/T summer tyres are jointly designed by Italian, German, and Russian experts. They took into account all requirements and features of SUV/CUV driving. Perfect combination of steerability and stability even at high speed driving. Specially optimized tyre framework, asymmetrically placed large blocks and ribs as well as reinforced external section guarantee it. All these things enable tyres to distribute pressure evenly in the contact spot.

A unique tread pattern with a rigid centre rib and reinforced longitudinal blocks ensure reliability and safety even in extreme driving conditions. Special rubber mixing technology provides maximum adaptability of Viatti Bosco A/T tyres to any climate and environmental conditions. At low temperatures the tread gets softer, and at high temperatures — stiffer that provides comfort driving as well as reduces tyre wear.