Viatti Tyres Are Among Winners of 100 Best Goods of Tatarstan

Viatti Tyres Are Among Winners of 100 Best Goods of Tatarstan

The judges of the contest “Best Goods and Services of the Republic of Tatarstan” decided the winners of 2018. Viatti Brina Nordico V-522 model (size 195/65 R15) became a laureate and Viatti Brina V-521 (size 195/65R15) was awarded the 1st Degree Diploma in the category “Industrial and Technology Products”.

Viatti Brina Nordico V-522 winter car passenger tyres have an asymmetric tread pattern with additional row of studs along the edges providing good grip on both ice and snow. This model combines elements of studded and non-studded tyres. Viatti Brina Nordico tyres are the best choice for the Russian winter. The tyres retain its performance properties in all weather conditions – from deep frosts to sudden thaws.

Specially placed tread blocks shifted on a longitudinal axis from one another give Viatti Brina V-521 (size 195/65 R15) non-studded winter tyres maximum noise protection. Moreover, the asymmetric tread pattern improves the tyre grip when driving at corners, and lateral and longitudinal grooves precisely angled against the moving direction provide increased vehicle stability. Close placed sipes along the tread and increased elasticity of tread blocks enhance tyre grip on both icy and wet roads. Viatti Brina is the best choice for residents of big cities.

“These awards only confirms the high quality of KAMA TYRES products. Today, the company produces reliable tyres for all kind of vehicles. Our products are popular and trusted among common and professional drivers, racers as well as world automakers,” said Andrey Bouton, Chief Marketing Officer at Kama Trading House.

The republican contest is held annually as a part of the program “100 Best Products of Russia”. And, the Republic of Tatarstan is a leader in the implementation of the “100 Best Products of Russia” Program among other constituents of the Russian Federation, This year 451 items of products and services representing 205 manufacturers, organizations, institutions and masters of national and art crafts of Tatarstan participated in the contest.