First Viatti Tyres Reached Polish Market

Viatti Strada Asimmetrico (V-130) passenger car summer tyres were selected to be an export pioneer. The main characteristics of this model include a wide temperature range of using, optimum reliability and durability performance as well as the original asymmetric tread pattern, which provides a stable tyre grip with both dry and wet road surface.

Viatti Strada Asimmetrico is the best tyre for urban environments and highway driving. Even at high speeds, the load will be distributed on tyre as equal as possible, and the movement will be steady. Massive reinforcement ribs on outer and center parts of the tread are responsible for it. The VRF (variable rigidity of the framework) technology adapts the tyre to the road surface: it provides notable absorbing shocks from potholes, asphalt joints, and other road bumps, as well as reliability and confident turning corners at high speed. The unique composition of the rubber compound keeps the performance characteristics of Viatti Strada Asimmetrico at temperatures from 2 ° C to 55 ° C.

 “We are well on the way to expand our share in foreign markets. In 2017, our export grew to 3.2 million units, where the share of the non-CIS countries was about 22%. Poland is a promising market for us, not least because of similar climatic conditions. We are sure that Polish car owners will appreciate our products, and Viatti brand will find new fans,” said Andrey Bouton, Chief Marketing Officer at Kama Trading House.