Viatti Brina Tops the List of Non-Studded Winter Tyres According to

Viatti Brina Tops the List of Non-Studded Winter Tyres According to

The online store has drawn up a rating of 2020 winter tyres based on the drivers' reviews and auto experts’ tests. The Viatti Brina passenger car tyre line-up, produced by KAMA TYRES, the tyre manufacturing business of TATNEFT Group, topped the list of affordable non-studded (friction) tyres.

According to the reviews by the store experts, the advantages of Viatti Brina tyres are the good grip in slush; the strong carcass with a steel belt; the ability to remain soft in low temperatures; the unique rubber compound protecting against wear; and the affordable price.

“Even though this model belongs to the non-expensive model line-up, it possesses the qualities that can astonish. Car owners note that Viatti Brina is worth buying for providing a very smooth passage of road bumps. The numerous sipes help maintain directional stability and prevent the car from slipping when cornering and during lane changes. The blocks on the tyre surface are located with a small offset to the edges which is essential for ensuring a more effective dampening of vibrations on the tricky winter roads. The tread is equipped with a large number of grooves with different directionality, which clean the contact spot from dirt quickly and effectively,” the experts said.

Viatti Brina winter passenger car tyres are equipped with an asymmetric tread pattern featuring an increased number of blocks and a high density of those in the contact spot, which provides the best grip when cornering, increases wear resistance and reduces noise. The improved grip on both icy and snow-covered roads is ensured by the dense sipe network along the entire width of the tread and the increased elasticity of the blocks.

“The Viatti Brina tyres have been designed to operate at the temperature range from - 45°C to +10°C. Their reliability and durability allow the driver to maintain the regular driving style in winter conditions,” Igor Margushov, Acting Deputy Director for Sales of KAMA Trading House, noted.

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