Experts of the Automobile Program Channel Tested KAMA TYRES Products

Experts of the Automobile Program Channel Tested KAMA TYRES Products

Experts of the YouTube channel "Automobile Program" conducted a durability test of the Viatti Brina Nordico winter studded tyres, produced KAMA TYRES, the tyre manufacturing business of TATNEFT Group. The authors of the channel also included the line-up in the list of models recommended for the winter season 2021–2022.

Experts purchased a set of Viatti Brina Nordico passenger car winter studded tyres for the Chevrolet Lacetti recommended by subscribers of the Automobile Program. According to the results of operation, the author of the channel Sergey Pysarev noted minimal wear, a strong sidewall, as well as some other characteristics of the tyres: “The tread looks almost new. And, of course, I should note that there is not even a hint of any lump. We were not afraid to drive on the snow. The tread worked great. There were no complaints about the tyres - even about the noise. We thought the studs would make more hum".

Also, experts of the Automobile Program reminded the channel's subscribers about the rules for using new studded tyres - they should definitely be run-in. It helps the studs to “find the right places” and minimize the loss, as well as to avoid early tyre wear, and, as a result, the tyres will serve the car owner for more than one season under the right storage conditions.

“Last winter season we tested the Viatti Brina Nordico tyres. After the running-in, we used it as primary tyres. And now, after 7000 km of run, I look at the tyres, and all studs are in place - even on the front wheels. I have said many times, but today I’d like to say it again: when you read reviews on the Internet, you need to understand that everyone has different cars, everyone drives differently, everyone has different operating conditions. Therefore, if you read that someone has lost some studs, it does not mean that you will have the same problem. We have not lost a single stud,” said Sergei Pysarev.

Recommendations of KAMA TYRES experts for running in new studded tyres: it is advisable to drive the first 400-500 kilometers in a relaxed manner, without making sudden maneuvers and braking, just smoothly accelerating and carefully cornering and keeping speed limit - 70 km/h to make the studs taking a stable position in the landing holes. 

The Viatti Brina Nordico winter studded passenger car tyres are the best choice to use in the conditions of the Russian winter – the tyres retain the operational properties both in severe frosts and at above-zero temperatures. These tyres provide good grip on both ice and snow due to the asymmetric tread pattern with an additional row of studs along the edges. You can buy Viatti Brina Nordico tyres in the official KAMA TYRES online store - KAMATYRES.SHOP.