Three Viatti ranges ranked among the best tires for Hyundai Solaris

Three Viatti ranges ranked among the best tires for Hyundai Solaris

The specialized web site has compiled a rating of the best tyres for Hyundai Solaris. The products of KAMA TYRES, the tyre manufacturing business of TATNEFT Group are among the recommended tyres. Thus, Viatti Strada Asimmetrico headed the Summer tyres category, and Viatti Brina and Viatti Brina Nordico took silver in the Winter non-studded tyres and the Winter studded tyres categories.

“Viatti tyres are designed for Russian operating conditions: they are reliable, robust and durable, adapted to the temperature contrasts of our country. Due to the design features and original mix of rubber compounds, they will serve the car owner for several seasons, not lowering its performance. There are some additional advantages, including an extended quality guarantee, which is free of charge when you buy 4 tyres of the brand," Timur Sharipov, CEO of KAMA Trading House, said.

Among the advantages of Viatti Strada Asimmetrico summer tyres, the authors of the "Best tyres for Hyundai Solaris" noted driving comfort, excellent balance, affordable price and good drainage. It should be said that the tyres not only quickly remove water from the contact patch with the road due to its three wide longitudinal grooves, but also provide additional stability when cornering and maneuvering on a wet road through the thoughtful placement of the widest groove on the outside of the tread. Viatti Strada Asimmetrico tyres also provide reliability and high speed when cornering, as well as noticeable shock mitigation when driving through holes, asphalt joints and other road humps because the tyres adapt to the road surface.

Experts of qualified good grip, durable compound, confident uphill climbing, excellent handling as the pluses of Viatti Brina winter non-studded tyres. So, feather edge blocks in the shoulder area of the tread improve the slush planning resistance (sliding on slush). The tyre cuts slush and remove it from the tyre-to-road contact patch efficiently. The highly-elastic tread with sipes densely spaced along its width improves the tyre grip on both ice and packed snow or on wet roads.

High-quality grip on ice, asphalt and snow, durability, good handling, road holding, excellent balancing and affordable price - these are the strengths of the Viatti Brina Nordico winter studded tyres, the experts highlighted in their publication. Asymmetric tread pattern and wide placed studs provide the best grip on the winter road, wear resistance and reduce tyre noise. Densely spaced sipes and highly-elastic tread blocks, as well as a combination of friction blocks in the middle section with additional studs along the edges of the tread provide excellent grip on both ice and wet roads. Source: can buy Viatti Strada Asimmetrico, Viatti Brina and Viatti Brina Nordico tyres in the official online store of KAMA TYRES - https://KAMATYRES.SHOP/.