KAMA TYRES Presented First Viatti R19 Model

KAMA TYRES Presented First Viatti R19 Model

KAMA TYRES Complex, the tyre manufacturing business of TATNEFT Group, has launched Viatti Bosco H/T summer tyres of 255/50R19 size for SUVs and CUVs into mass production. The tyre has a mark 107W (load index is 975 kg and speed rating is 270 km/h). The novelty is the first model of 19 inches rim size in the Viatti product range.

Viatti Bosco H/T tyres with road tread pattern provide a high level of traction on dry and wet surfaces, as well as fuel efficiency. The tyres are designed primarily for urban roads and interregional highways. The four longitudinal grooves of the tread pattern effectively and quickly remove water from the contact spot. These longitudinal grooves with varying geometry and pointed edges of the central blocks effectively break the water film, providing good lateral liquid removal from the contact spot.

The increased circumferential stiffness of the tyre due to special reinforcements between the tread pattern elements in the shoulder and central rows improves handling and stable car driving. The tread pattern with a rigid rib in the centre and rows of longitudinal reinforced blocks enables the tyres to provide maximum grip when the abrupt maneuvering.

The unique broken shape of the grooves and sipes on the tread, as well as the tread pattern blocks of different width and sequence, change the tyre rolling resonance, significantly reducing the tyre noise. “According to AUTOSTAT, in our country there are about 10.6 million CUVs and SUVs, which is 23.6% of the total number of cars registered in the Russian Federation.

This is a fairly large and fast developing segment of the domestic car market. That is why we plan to further expand the range of Viatti Bosco H/T tyres so that each SUV owner can choose the exact model in the lineup,” Timur Sharipov, Acting CEO of KAMA Trading House, said.

Source: autostat.ru