KAMA TYRES Expands Its portfolio of Viatti Passenger Car Tyres

KAMA TYRES Expands Its portfolio of Viatti Passenger Car Tyres

KAMA TYRES, the tyre manufacturing business of TATNEFT Group, has presented Viatti Strada 2 - a new summer passenger car tyre. The new product has an asymmetric road tread pattern improving fuel efficiency and comfort as well as reducing noise. The Viatti Strada 2 model line-up consists of 23 standard sizes of 14 to 17 inches diameter.

The new high-grip tread rubber compound of Viatti Strada 2 has been developed for excellent dynamic, braking performance and fuel efficiency. Tyres provide reliable, safe and comfortable driving throughout the service life. “The novelty has become the 10th line-up in a row and the most speedy one in the model range of the Viatti brand – up to 270 km/h. Also, the tyre design provides stability and steerability of high level, safe, reliable, and comfortable operation. We plan to keep expanding the Viatti product range, to develop new tyres to meet the constantly increasing market demands,” Timur Sharipov, CEO of KAMA Trading House, said. Some design features of the Viatti Strada 2 tyre’s tread pattern:

· Center annular grooves drain water from the tyre-to-road contact patch efficiently when it rains, providing aquaplaning resistance of the high level.

· Transverse lateral grooves in the shoulder area with optimal angles of the groove walls ensure high traction of the tyre when accelerating and braking on any type of hard road surface.

· Center annular ribs and rigid shoulder block edges ensure high stability and handling when straight-line driving and high-speed maneuvering.

· The area of the pattern elements creates an optimally intense contact patch of the tyre with the road surface, which ensures reliable and safe driving in various weather conditions.

· Sipes and grooves in the center ribs provide additional gripping of the tyre with the road surface for dynamic acceleration and braking.

· The optimally constructed tyre section and materials used in the sidewall area balance the handling and bounce damping of the tyre for comfortable driving in all conditions.

· The patented indicator for assessing the wear allows you to control the uniformity of tread wear: 1) around the circumference of the tyre; 2) between the outer and inner sides of the tread pattern; 3) between the central and shoulder (side) tread zones.

· Low tyre rolling noise is the result of the asymmetry of the tread pattern and using pattern elements of different widths around the tyre.

· Monolithic blocks on the outer side of the asymmetric tread pattern ensure high stability and handling when active maneuvering.

· New rubber mix of the tread provides optimum traction in all weather conditions. All Viatti passenger car and light truck tyres produced by KAMA TYRES are very reliable products. The tyres provide comfort, safety and confidence on the road, as well as are excellent value for money in its segment.