Experts of AutoPasker: Viati Bosco A/T Tyres Proved To Be All-Terrain

Experts of AutoPasker: Viati Bosco A/T Tyres Proved To Be All-Terrain

Experts of AutoPasker, the federal network of auto parts stores, carried out large-scale tests of Viatti Bosco A/T tyres of 215/70 R16 size on Chevrolet NIVA. The tyres covered more than 1000 km, incl. about 200 km on dust and dirt roads. Based on test results, the experts noted that Viatti Bosco A/T tyres provide acoustic comfort on the highway. The car with tested tyres handled confidently at high speed and on the wet asphalt.

“The Viatti Bosco A/T tyres have thick and stiff sidewalls, and that is great. A rigid sidewall is important for driving in the country conditions. Such tyres are much more difficult to damage hitting on tree roots, stones and other obstacles. The safety margin is helpful in the city as well: curbs, potholes and endless road works harm the tyre no less than obstacles in the forest. Also, rigid sidewalls make a car be more stable on the highway. The tyres were excellent on broken asphalt roads, helping the suspension to get over potholes and patches and enabled to drive confidently, overtaking cars. They were good on macadam roads as well – with the same confidence on a high speed and controllability. Viatti Bosco A/T tyres have proven to be all-terrain. It is affordable and reliable tyres with good speed and off-road performance", – experts of AutoPasker commented on the test results.

“The Viatti Bosco A/T SUV tyres have an optimized carcass, offset large blocks and ribs, and reinforced shoulder blocks. All these enable to distribute pressure it the contact spot of the tyre and the road surface equal. As a result, even on a high speed the car moves steadily. A special tread pattern with wide lateral grooves in the shoulder areas enhance off-road performance of SUVs and CUVs”, – Timur Sharipov, Acting CEO of KAMA Trading House, said.

The Viatti Bosco A/T tyre line-up is designed for light SUVs and CUVs. The tyres adapt to the road surface, absorb shocks when overcoming road humps, and allow you to corner at high speed. The four longitudinal grooves in the tread pattern remove water from the contact spot efficiently and quickly. The longitudinal grooves of special shape and sharp-facet central blocks break water film and quickly remove liquid from the contact spot. The optimized tyre section in the tread-to-sidewall transition zone provides precise control when actively maneuvering on the hard crust road surface. The unique tread pattern with a rigid rib in the centre and rows of longitudinal reinforced blocks enables the tyres to provide maximum grip when the abrupt maneuvering.

The curved sipes reduce the noise when driving, improve traction and minimize uneven tread wear.