Review of Viatti Bosco A/T Summer Tyres for SUVs/CUVs

Viatti Bosco A/T SUV tyres are jointly developed by Italian, German and Russian experts with due consideration of all requirements and peculiarities of SUV/CUV driving.

The tyres easily carry heavy dynamic loads and combine enhanced stability, strength, comfort, adaptability to the most severe climatic conditions, which is important for Russia.

When creating the Viatti Bosco A/T tyres, ViaMIX technology with 3D nanomolecules was applied. This technology helps to improve the grip of the tread with the road surface. So when it is cold, the tread becomes softer; and, on the contrary, it becomes stiffer, when it is hot. This improves driving comfort and also reduces tyre wear.

The CUV tyres perfectly adapts to any road conditions, partly owing to VSS - technology that helps to distribute the rigidity of the sidewall. As a result, the car gently overcomes all road humps and steadily corners at high speed. Viatti Bosco tyres have a special tread pattern, which is made with DirtMove technology (OpenWay). As a result, the tyres have enhanced excellent off-road performance, and provide more confident driving on slush and wet roads. When developing the tread, engineers applied ViaPRO technology to minimize the noise level even when off-road driving.

Reinforced shoulder blocks and a specially designed carcass enable to distribute pressure it the contact spot of the tyre and the road surface equal. As a result, we get enhanced stability and more confident handling of the vehicle.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ Excellent grip;

+ Ideal for Russian conditions;

+ High comfort driving;

+ Good handling;

+ Excellent braking;

+ High resistance to aquaplaning;

+ Extremely durable;

+ Softness in driving;

+ Low noise;

+ High wear resistance;

+ Made using modern technology.

- A faint noise appears on rough asphalt road;

- There are some casting residues on the sidewalls (not much).