Winter tyres Viatti Brina Nordico

Viatti Brina Nordico winter tyres

Viatti Brina Nordico winter tyres —
Innovative technologies allow for reliability and safe driving even in the most unpredictable winter conditions


Detailed model description

Viatti Brina Nordico winter tyres enable comfortable and safe driving in any and all winter weather conditions, from severe frost to sudden thaw periods.

Viatti Brina Nordico winter tyres represent an innovative product combining the best of both European and Scandinavian schools of winter tyre design. Confident road grip even in the most unpredictable winter conditions is achieved by means of both friction blocks in the middle and additional studs at the edges of the tread. Numerous tests conducted by the leading automotive companies as well as by professional drivers have proved the excellent performance of Viatti Brina Nordico winter tyres in all kinds of climatic zones, which makes them a perfect choice for the vast territories of Russia.

  • Along with ensuring safe straight line driving and sharp cornering at high speed, Viatti Brina Nordico winter tyres also cushion impacts from road imperfections, asphalt joints and other obstructions due to VSS (variable sidewall stiffness) technology, which makes the tyres adapt to the road and speed changes.
  • High slushplaning (sliding on slush- and sludge-covered road) resistance is achieved by sloped shoulder blocks. The tyres literally cut sludge and remove it from the contact patch.
  • The asymmetric tread pattern and widely spaced studs contribute to tyre durability and the most reliable grip at reduced noise level.
  • Ice and wet grip is enhanced by means of densely spaced sipes and highly-elastic blocks.
  • Specially spaced asymmetrical tread blocks along the longitudinal axis ensure additional protection from driving noise.

The smart combination of reliability, excellent on/off-road performance and high slush resistance of Viatti Brina Nordico studded winter tyres makes them be one of the most balanced, universal and safe choices for Russian customers. With due consideration of all peculiarities of Russian climate and geography, these tyres will bring to naught the dependence of on/off-road performance on winter weather “surprises”.

VRF technology: the tires adapt to the road surface, absorb impacts when overcoming irregularities, and allow you to confidently take high-speed turns.

Car owners test Viatti winter tires - real tests on Russian roads!


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