All winter and summer tres Viatti 225/70/R15C - description, prices, comments, where to buy

Winter and summer tires Viatti 225/70/R15C

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The size of the tiyres that fit your car is indicated by a set of numbers and letters, for example:
195/65 R 15 91 T

You can specify the correct size on the sidewall of the used tyre set or in the car's instruction manual.

Width e.g. 195
Height e.g. 65
The size of a disk e.g. 15

Обозначение размера шин


Tests of other Viatti tyres

All Viatti tyres have been tested for compliance with the European standards of quality. And the average of the performance of various global makers of mid-range segment tyres has been taken as a standard.

Tests of other Viatti tyres

Tyres made by Tatneft’s tyre plant keep winning tests of leading Russian automobile press

Tests of other Viatti tyres

Tests of other Viatti tyres

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